Welcome to Energy Storage Materials & System Laboratory (ESMSL) in the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. The ultimate goal of our research group is to develop and design innovative energy materials and systems for future energy storage and conversion applications. Our research group is dedicated to tacking key scientific challenges in energy storage materials and systems by integrating novel experimental techniques with atomistic and continuum scale modeling tools. We specialize in exploring material structure, mechanics, electrochemistry, interfacial chemistry, and their interactions at material and system levels to advance fundamental understanding of current and future energy storage materials and systems. Our current emphasis is to design renovated battery materials via a direct recycling process and improve current understanding of solid-state battery systems. Our research is highly interdisciplinary, drawing from a wide range of disciplines including mechanical/automotive engineering, electrochemistry, chemistry, materials science and computational science, and we collaborate with research groups in universities, national laboratories, and industries throughout the world.

We are seeking passionate graduate students who pursue MS thesis and PhD degree. Undergraduate students are also welcome to join our research group. To inquiry about open positions for research, please send CV/resume, transcripts, and a brief statement of interests to Prof. Shin (